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Pipe with Backflow testing equipment

Backflow Testing Services

Protecting Your Water Supply


Ensuring the purity and safety of your water supply is of paramount importance. A backflow preventer plays a critical role in safeguarding your tap water, preventing the risk of contamination. Under specific circumstances, water flow can reverse within your water line, potentially allowing contaminated water to re-enter the main water supply. This is why proper backflow preventer installation and consistent backflow preventer testing are vital.

Why Backflow Testing Matters


Preserve Water Quality: A backflow preventer is designed to allow water to flow in only one direction, preventing the entry of non-potable or contaminated water into your fresh water supply. Regular backflow preventer testing is essential to ensure that this vital device is functioning correctly.

Regulatory Compliance: To maintain clean and safe water standards, backflow preventer testing is often required by local water authorities. Compliance with these standards is crucial to protect public health.

Prevent Emergencies: Routine backflow preventer testing is your first line of defense against potential emergencies. It helps identify and address issues before they become serious problems, ensuring the ongoing safety of your water supply.

Our Backflow Testing Services

  • At JD Mechanical, we are dedicated to protecting the quality of your water supply through professional backflow testing services. Our team of certified experts is committed to ensuring your backflow prevention system operates efficiently and effectively.

  • Annual Testing: To maintain optimum efficiency and compliance with local standards, we conduct annual backflow preventer testing. This helps identify any issues promptly and ensures that your water supply remains safe.

  • Expert Installation: If you do not yet have a backflow preventer, our experienced technicians can install one for your home or business. Our expert backflow preventer installation ensures the highest standards of safety and water quality.

  • Peace of Mind: With years of experience, we take pride in our dependable and honest services. We are committed to providing reliable, high-quality backflow preventer testing, and installations that you can trust.

Contact Us Today


Protecting your water supply is not just a matter of convenience—it's a matter of public health and safety. At JD Mechanical, we understand the importance of clean and safe water, and we are here to ensure your backflow prevention system is in top condition.

For professional certified backflow testing staff will bring you peace of mind, contact us today. Let us help you safeguard the quality of your water supply.

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